What Is @layer In CSS 2023

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What Is @layer In CSS

The @layer at-rule in CSS is used to declare a cascade layer, which is a collection of style rules that apply to a specific element or group of elements in your document. The @layer rule specifies the name of the layer and the selector that determines which elements the layer applies to. You can then add style rules to the layer, which will apply to the selected elements.

@layer utilities {
  .padding-sm {
    padding: 0.5rem;

  .padding-lg {
    padding: 0.8rem;

The @layer at-rule can also be used to define the order of precedence in case of multiple cascade layers. This allows you to specify which layers should take precedence over others, in the event that there are conflicting style rules between different layers. This can be useful if you want to create complex and flexible stylesheets that use multiple layers to apply different styles to different elements in your document.

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