The difference between Memcached and Redis

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The difference between Memcached and Redis

1: In Redis, not all data is always stored in memory, which is the biggest difference compared with Memcached.

2: Redis has the characteristics of a database in many aspects, or it is a database system, while Memcached is just a simple K/V cache.

3: Their extensions all need to be clustered; implementation methods: master-slave, Hash.

4: In the data above 100k, the performance of Memcached is higher than that of Redis.

5: If you want to talk about memory usage efficiency, if you use simple key-value storage, Memcached has a higher memory utilization rate, and if Redis uses a hash structure for key-value storage, its memory utilization rate will be lower due to its combined compression. Will be higher than Memcached. Of course, this is related to your application scenarios and data characteristics.

6: If you have requirements for data persistence and data synchronization, then it is recommended that you choose Redis because Memcached does not have these two features. Even if you just hope that the cache data will not be lost after upgrading or restarting the system, it is wise to choose Redis.

7: Redis and Memcache have little difference in write performance, but Memcache is stronger in reading performance, especially batch read performance.

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