PHP - Swap The Values of 2 Variables Without Temp Variable 2023

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PHP - Swap The Values of 2 Variables Without Temp Variable

// 1 list($a, $b) = array($b, $a);

// 2 $a = $a . $b; 
$b =  strlen($b); 
$b = substr ($a, 0, (strlen($a) – $b)); 
$a = substr ($a, strlen($b)); 

// 3 (Must use a character that cannot appear in both strings as a separator)
$a = $b .','. $a;
$a = explode (',', $a); 
$b = $a[1];
$a = $a[0];

// 4 This is when both numbers are numbers: 
$a = $a + $b;
$b = $a – $b;
$a = $a – $b;

// 5 with array
$a = array ($a, $b); 
$b = $a[0];
$a = $a[1];  


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