PHP Caching Techniques

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The pcntl_fork() function is a function used to create a process in the php-pcntl module. (does not support windows). As for how to install and enable the php_pcntl extension, I won’t introduce it here, only ana... Read Parallel processing in PHP using pcntl_fork() Explanation

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PHP Caching Techniques

What are the PHP caching technologies? Is tp partial or full caching? 

1. Full-page static cache, that is, to generate HTML static pages for all pages, which are directly accessed by users when they visit, without going through the process of PHP server parsing

2. Partial page caching, which statically caches infrequently changing parts of a page, while not caching frequently changing blocks, and finally assembles them together for display.

3. Data cache, the data requested by an id, data is cached in a PHP file, the id and the file are corresponding, and the next time the id is requested, the PHP file is directly read.

4. Query cache, similar to the data cache, is cached according to the query statement.

5. Commonly used caching technologies are: Redis and Memcache.

Personally think that tp should be a global cache because: tp cache actually generates a PHP file locally to store the data read from the database.


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