Overview 5 Types of Hackers 2023

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  1. Black hat hackers:
  2. White hat hackers:
  3. Gray hat hackers:
  4. Script kiddies:
  5. State-sponsored hackers:

Overview 5 Types of Hackers

There are many different types of hackers, and the exact classification can vary depending on who you ask. However, here are some common categories of hackers:

Black hat hackers:

These are the stereotypical hackers, who use their skills for illegal or malicious purposes, such as to steal sensitive information or to disrupt systems.

White hat hackers:

These are ethical hackers, who use their skills to help organizations improve their security measures. They may be hired by companies to test their systems for vulnerabilities, or they may volunteer their services to help protect against cyber attacks.

Gray hat hackers:

These are hackers who may operate in a legal gray area, using their skills for activities that are not strictly illegal, but may not be fully ethical either. For example, they may access a system without permission in order to uncover security vulnerabilities, but then disclose those vulnerabilities to the owner rather than exploiting them.

Script kiddies:

These are hackers who lack the technical skills and knowledge of more advanced hackers, but use pre-existing tools and scripts to perform simple hacks.

State-sponsored hackers:

These are hackers who are employed or sponsored by a government to conduct cyber espionage or attacks on other countries or organizations.

Again, this is just a general overview of some common categories of hackers. There may be other classifications and sub-categories depending on the context and the perspective of the person defining them.

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