Logical Exploits Of SMS Bombing 2023

By XiaoXin
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Logical Exploits Of SMS Bombing

Go to replay the data packet sending the verification code to check whether the mobile phone has received multiple text messages in a short period of time. If yes, there is a message bombing vulnerability, because the backend does not set a time/frequency limit for sending mobile phone text messages.

If the backend restricts the SMS verification code, you can try the following ways to bypass it:

- Delete and modify cookies or return values, replay packets
- Traversing parameters to send packets
- Overlay the parameters
- Add a space (%20) after the phone number or add other words such as +86, comma, semicolon, letter, etc.
- Modify the case of the request parameter, or add the request parameter &id=1
- In the multi-interface test, the login location may be protected, but there is no protection when the password is retrieved
- Use call interface to bypass SMS bombing restrictions
- Modify IP to bypass SMS bombing restrictions
- Add duplicate mobile phone number parameters to replay data packets.

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