Logical Exploits Of Order, Payment 2023

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Logical Exploits Of Order, Payment

Order Close

  • Create an order with a coupon and stay on the payment interface
  • close order, return to coupon
  • Use the coupon to create another order; put the first outstanding order into payment
  • The product has been closed and re-entered the stage of dropshipping, but the coupon still exists, which proves that the loophole exists.

Payment Amount

  • Some businesses will ignore the unit after the cent when paying, and at this time, the amount that exists in the cent unit can also generate an order
  • For example, 0.019=0.02, the client sends an order of 0.019 yuan to the server during payment. The third-party payment usually has the smallest unit of cent
  • This leads to the fact that the returned amount will be masked out with the following 9, and only 0.01 will be returned (some are directly rounded to 0.02)
  • After you pay 0.01, the third party will notify the server that the payment is successful, and the server generates 0.019. Maybe the smallest unit of overseas Chinese in this software points, rounded up to 0.02
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