Logical Exploits Of Integer Overflow 2023

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Logical Exploits Of Integer Overflow

Note: When doing an overflow test, it may cause the target server to go down, and you need to apply for authorization from the authorized unit before testing.

  1. The range of int is -2147483648~2147483647. You can think of it as a loop, when the maximum value is exceeded, it will restart from 0
  2. For example, 2147483649=-2147483647. Sometimes there is no negative number in the payment, so the calculation starts from 0
  3. When the payment amount is 2147483649, the payment amount becomes 1, that is, 2147483649-2147483648=1
  4. When paying, you can directly change the amount to this value, and you can also set the total price to this value when testing the product. 2147483648/item unit price+1=item quantity
  5. The purpose of the above approach is simply to modify the payment amount or the quantity of purchased goods through integer overflow.
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