Linux: Explain the purpose of the following 10 shell commands 2023

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Main Contents
  1. top:
  2. ps: 
  3. mv: 
  4. find: 
  5. df: 
  6. cat:
  7. chmod: 
  8. chgrp: 
  9. grep: 
  10. wc:

Linux: Explain the purpose of the following 10 shell commands

top, ps, mv, find, df, cat, chmod, chgrp, grep, wc


The command is a commonly used performance analysis tool under Linux, which can display the resource usage status of each process in the system in real-time, similar to the Windows task manager.


View the process


move or change files


search for matching files in subdirectories


df command parameter function in Linux: check the disk space usage of the file system.


Display the contents of one or more files to standard output.


change file attributes.


change user group.


search within files.


The function of the command is to count the number of bytes, words, and lines in the specified file, and display and output the statistical results.


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