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Explain find command in Linux

1: find / -name "filename" Searches for files in the directory structure and performs the specified operation.


3: local file name--- this is another way of writing 'find -name', but it is much faster than the latter, because it does not search a specific directory, but searches a database (/var/lib/locatedb ), this database contains all local file information. The Linux system automatically creates this database and updates it once a day, so the latest changed files cannot be found by changing the command. To avoid this situation, you can use the update db command to manually update the database before using locate. 

4. whereis --- is to locate executable files, source code files, and help files in the file system. The whereis command can only be used to search for program names, and only search for binary files (parameter -b), man description files (parameter -m), and source code files (parameter -s). If the parameter is omitted, all information is returned. 

 5: The function of which is to search for the location of a system command in the path specified by the PATH variable, and return the first search result. That is to say, by using the which command, you can see whether a certain system command exists and where the command is executed.


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