Ecommerce Security Checklist: User, Membership 2023

By XiaoXin
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Ecommerce Security Checklist: User, Membership


- brute force
- Any user/password login
- SMS/email bombing
- Captcha bypass/blasting/replay/postback
- Username/Mobile Number Enumeration
- Unauthorized login (such as modifying the user ID in the data packet)
- Account permission bypass (overreach)
- Cookie forgery
- User empty password login


- Front-end authentication bypass
- User random/batch registration
- Malicious verification of registered accounts
- Account duplicate registration
- Username/Bound Mobile Number Enumeration
- Registration information inserted into XSS
- SMS/email bombing
- Captcha bypass/blasting/replay/postback
- Other Authentication Mechanisms Bypassed

Password Recovery

- Random/Batch User Password Reset
- Any email/mobile phone number verification (the verification code and the bound user are not verified uniformly)
- User-binding phone number enumeration
- new password hijacking
- SMS verification code hijacking/bypassing/returning/blasting/replaying
- User mailbox hijacking/tampering
- Other Authentication Mechanisms Bypassed


- Mobile phone number/user/email enumeration
- Modify personal data to insert XSS
- E-mail/user/mobile phone number tampering
- User information traversal/disclosure
- Modifying other people's account information without authority


- Account Verification Bypass
- Account amount tampering
- Account binding mobile phone number bypass
- Account third-party account binding bypass
- User unauthorized access
- Profile Information Traversal/Disclosure
- Modify personal information, avatar, upload any file
- If you encounter Xlsx/Docx, there may be XXE, upload malicious documents blind test
- Modify the personal information page to insert XSS.

Transfer Process

- POST/Cookie Injection
- cookie hijacking
- There is no session/token in the modification information, which leads to CSRF
- Clear text transmission account password

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