Ecommerce Security Checklist: Order, Payment, Comment 2023

By XiaoXin
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The validation value of the cookie is too simple. Some web pages are too single or simple to generate cookies, which leads to hackers being able to enumerate the validity values ​​of cookies. Or you can log in to other use... Read Logical Exploits Of Flaws In a Cookie/Token Design

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Ecommerce Security Checklist: Order, Payment, Comment

Purchase Payment/Recharge

- Order information traversal/disclosure
- Leakage of order information leads to leakage of user information
- Unauthorized modification/deletion of other people's orders
- Commodity amount/quantity tampering
- Replace the payment module
- Leakage of transaction information
- False recharge amount
- Recharge account/amount/quantity tampering
- Payment Verification Bypass
- Integer overflow, the maximum value of int is 2147483647
- Modify the key value in the data packet returned by the local JS or the server


- POST injection
- No session/token leads to CSRF
- Insert XSS when commenting
- Traversing the user ID leads to user information leakage
- The number of malicious batch-brushing comments.

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