Creating Simple Login Page with RailwayJS 2023

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Creating Simple Login Page with RailwayJS

RailwayJS is a full-stack JavaScript web development framework built on top of Express. It provides a powerful set of tools and libraries to help you build modern web applications quickly and easily.

Here is an example of a simple login page built with RailwayJS:

const railway = require('railwayjs')

const app = railway()

app.get('/login', (req, res) => {
})'/login', (req, res) => {
  const { username, password } = req.body

  // Validate the username and password against the database

  if (username === 'admin' && password === 'password') {
    // Set the session data and redirect to the dashboard
    req.session.loggedIn = true
  } else {
    // Invalid username or password, redirect back to the login page

In this example, the app object is used to define two routes for the login page - one for displaying the login form (GET /login) and one for handling the login submission (POST /login). When the login form is submitted, the POST /login route is called, and the username and password fields are extracted from the request body. The user's credentials are then checked against the database, and if they are valid, the user is redirected to the dashboard. Otherwise, they are redirected back to the login page.

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