Biometric System Using Blockchain Based

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Biometric System Using Blockchain Based

Blockchain technology, which came into our lives along with Bitcoin, has been tried to be used in many fields by developers and entrepreneurs. While some attempts failed, others gained a lot of attention and were embraced by the community.

Without a doubt, one of the most essential features of a blockchain is that the blockchain ledger is held simultaneously by nodes in the network. This feature not only makes the data more difficult to change but also increases the reliability of the data.

Today, several companies in different industries have started using blockchain technology. The industry application examples of blockchain are given below.

  • Some universities store students' diplomas on the blockchain.
  • Freight companies or food companies also benefit from blockchain infrastructure in their supply processes.
  • Today, blockchain systems can also be used for patient health records and drug dispensing.

All transactions within a company are unlikely to be executed on the blockchain. The diagram below depicts which blockchain should be used for an organization that wants to run on a blockchain, or if a blockchain is necessary for the organization. 

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Blockchain technology is used in institutions and organizations where security is a priority to keep records of employees and activities within the system.

In the follow-up part of my article, I will explain how the basic structure of a blockchain platform in an enterprise company should be through an example (a face recognition system integrated with blockchain).

Today, there are many security systems (face recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, etc.) that use the biometrics that people possess. Biometric systems are often used in areas where security and privacy are a priority, such as opening safes, opening doors, unlocking PCs and mobile phones, and opening cold crypto wallets.

Most biometric systems keep logs of users who log into the system, but these logs are usually kept on a single disk, or rarely in a RAID structure. These storage methods cannot guarantee the security and reliability of data and are easily tampered with.

It is now necessary to keep log records created by important biometric systems in the blockchain. I am trying to explain the basic operation of a biometric system integrated with blockchain in the diagram below. 

The image above was created based on the Hyperledger Fabric environment. Multiple channels can be used in a blockchain network, and these channels can even have public nodes if desired.

As an example, I will describe a blockchain-based face recognition system I wrote in Python and Solidity (I used the Ethereum development environment for this example, but it would be more accurate to use Hyperledger).

First, Ganache must run, and a virtual blockchain network must be created. 

Second, the Ganache Provider must be selected from the Remix IDE, and the smart contract that will be written to the blockchain must be compiled. 

The Python code that will perform the face recognition process should run and should log into the system. 

If the face recognition is successful, the output of the user login is written to the blockchain. 

The values ​​in the image above may not be understandable because they are in hexadecimal format. A blockchain explorer can be used to get a better view if desired. When I converted the Hex value in question to Ascii format, I encountered the following result. 

As can be seen from the figure above, the user has successfully logged into the system, and the generated log records have been written to the blockchain.

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