The Best Practice To Remove Empty HTML Tag With Regex In JS 2023

By XiaoXin
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Main Contents
  1. Example Input
  2. The Regex 
  3. Result

The Best Practice To Remove Empty HTML Tag With Regex In JS

How to remove empty HTML tags with any attributes inside that may contain (space, line break,  ) by regular expression in javascript.

Example Input

const string = `<p></p>
<p>  </p>
<i>     &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</i>
<i>  &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;  </i>
<i style="color: orange"></i>
<a href="#">     </a>
<o: class="ms-crap"></o>

<p>Not empty</p>
<i> &nbsp;&nbsp;

&nbsp;&nbsp; </i>

The Regex 

let result = string.replace(/<.[^>]*>(\s+|()|(&nbsp;)*|\s+(&nbsp;)*|(&nbsp;)*\s+|\s+(&nbsp;)*\s+)<\/.[^>]*>/ig, '')


result = `
<p>Not empty</p>
<i> &nbsp;&nbsp;

&nbsp;&nbsp; </i>

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