Advantages and Disadvantages of Apache and NGINX server 2023

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  1. Advantages of Nginx over apache
  2. Advantages of apache over Nginx

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apache and NGINX server

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of Apache and Nginx

Advantages of Nginx over apache

Lightweight, occupying less memory and resources than apache. Highly modular design, relatively simple to write modules.

Anti-concurrency, Nginx handles requests asynchronously and non-blocking, multiple connections (10,000 levels) can correspond to one process, while apache is blocking, it is a synchronous multi-process model, one connection corresponds to one process, Nginx can maintain high concurrency Low resource consumption, high-performance Nginx handles static files well, Nginx static processing performance is more than 3 times higher than Apache.

Advantages of apache over Nginx

Apache's rewrite is more powerful than Nginx's rewrite. There are many modules, and you can find everything you can think of. It is relatively stable and has fewer bugs. Nginx has relatively more bugs.

3: Reason: This is due to the fact that Nginx uses the latest poll (Linux 2.6 kernel) and kqueue (FreeBSD) network I/O models, while Apache uses the traditional select model. At present, Squid and Memcached, which can withstand high concurrent access under Linux, all use the epoll network I/O model. To deal with the read and write of a large number of connections, the select network I/O model adopted by Apache is very inefficient.


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